BeeWalk Survey Scheme

BeeWalk Mentors

We have a small team of experienced BeeWalkers who volunteer to provide support at a local level to people new to bumblebees and bumblebee surveying. 

BeeWalk Mentors can offer advise and guidance on setting up and surveying new transects as well as basic bumblebee identification support. 


Mentors are contactable via email, please email if you live in one of the below areas and would like to be in touch with your local Mentor:

  • Aylesbury

  • Cambridge (south)

  • Cardiff

  • Cornwall (mid)

  • Cotswolds (Wiltshire) 

  • County Durham

  • East Hertfordshire

  • Edinburgh/Lothian

  • Essex

  • Kent

  • Lincolnshire

  • Norfolk (north and west)

  • Northumberland

  • Staffordshire

  • Warwickshire

  • Winchester